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Framed prints are a fantastic way to show your favorite photos and make a great personal way to decorate your home.


Classic Gold Frame

Classic Gold

A time served favourite is the simple gold frame in a classic shape. This one is relatively small so suits a smaller print or perhaps gives a more subtle finish to a large one. A deep gold with subtle and pleasing detail. Depth 20mm Width 33mm with a reverse cushion profile.


 Solid Oak Frame

Solid Oak

Made from solid, hard oak wood this frame has a beautiful simplicity and true quality. This will look great with a variety of pictures and work equally well within modern or traditional settings. Depth 20mm Width 23mm with a Flat profile.


Distressed Walnut Frame

Distressed Walnut

A smaller frame ideal for country homes or traditional gifts – fitting with many frames that people might by at fairs or antique shops. A dark oaky or walnut colour with distress marks and a cushion/bead profile.



Gallery Frame


Galleries up and down the land present original works and photos in wide black grained frames with white mounts. It’s a bolt on winner that looks top end and arty but is very cost effective. It lets the picture stand out more than the frame, which also looks fabulous. Grained black frames are also great if you plan to move the picture much – they don’t show marks and can very easily be repaired if knocked. Depth 20mm Width 50mm with a Flat/Wide Profile.



Shabby Frame


A simple profile with wonderful shabby aged detailing of thick textural black over dark brown. Showing modest stature and simple elegance. Depth 20mm Width 40mm with a Flat  Textured Profile.




Gloss White Frame

Gloss White

Extreme style, so of the moment. A pure white gloss frame with very wide sweeping and domed profile. Not for the faint-hearted but a great style statement and ultra modern. All white frame and mount with burst of colour in the middle will look fabulous almost anywhere. Depth 20mm Width 63mm with a Domed White Profile.

When you have ordered your Photo Gift, simply upload your photos and any text and let the experienced graphic designers at do all the hard work.

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30x20cm 12×8″, 30x30cm 12×12″, 41x41cm 16×16″, 45x30cm 18×12″, 51x51cm 20×20″, 60x40cm 24×16″, 61x61cm 24×24″, 71x71cm 28×28″, 75x50cm 30×20″, 81x81cm 32×32″, 90x60cm 36×24″, 91x91cm 36×36″, 120x80cm 48×32″