Fungus Removal Service

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Mouse-over the image to view ‘before and after’ versions

© C. Boswell

This ‘Kodachrome’ card mounted 35mm slide from the 1960’s, had been rather unwisely stored in a kitchen cupboard for over 30 years.
Unsurprisingly, such a humid environment made an ideal breeding ground for fungus! After a great deal of delicate and painstaking digital
retouching work, the image ‘underneath’ finally came through almost like new. The clients’ – one of the subjects – parents, were delighted
to be presented at Christmas with a framed picture of their daughters, which they had thought beyond repair!

If you have a transparency or negative in a similar condition which you’d like restored, please send a scan of it for a free estimate using the ‘Contact’ page.

Alternatively, you may post your originals – in sturdy packaging – to:, 74 Waterside St, Largs, North Ayrshire KA30 9LR


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